Travels Thus Far: Tokyo – Part 1, ComicCon

I was in Tokyo for a total of maybe 16 waking hours. In that time, I saw:

  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Sumo wrestlers at Tokyo Station
  • That Japanese cops still carry revolvers

The first one is kind of cheating, because I saw him at Tokyo ComicCon. But hey, it kinda counts, right?

Tokyo ComicCon

Despite its name, Tokyo ComicCon actually takes place in the neighboring Chiba prefecture. Tokyo Disneyland is also in Chiba prefecture, for that matter, but calling it Chiba Disneyland just doesn’t have the same ring. Anyways, right off the bat: I have been to only one other ComicCon in my life, ComicCon Revolution in Ontario, CA. And believe it or not, this latter unofficial offshoot of ComicCon had actually been bigger than this official ComicCon in Tokyo. There were very few amateur booths where people were selling their products/handmade stuff. There were, however, many official booths (unlike ComicCon Revolution) of some of the biggest players in the comic industry: Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and so on. At the Marvel setup, I got to meet the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics C.B. Cebulski! He was a very nice guy and signed my bag.


Tom Hiddleston came as a guest, where he basically answered all Avengers-related questions with “I know the answer but I can’t tell you.” And of course, lots of awesome costumes. The girlfriend and I dressed up as Han and Qi’ra from Solo:

I guess you could skip the rest of this post if you’re not a Star Wars fan. We saw lots of Star Wars costumes, but for brevity I’ll include only cosplays I haven’t seen before:

Featuring some Mudtroopers from Solo, and an Imperial officer who nails the scowl.

A Red Guard, in the flesh!

Rebel troopers from IV, a.k.a. the only ones to ever get beaten by Stormtroopers. Also featuring my friend Shusaku!

IMG-0714 (1)
Before and after death sticks.

This post is too long already, so let’s save the next for part 2!

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