Lost in Translation: “Engrish” Signs

Poorly translated English is still hilarious to this day. Why it happens, I couldn’t say. The only thing I can attest to is that machine translation, like Google Translate, still does a pretty poor job. Try conversing with someone in Japanese (or most any Asian language, for that matter) with Google Translate as the middleman, and you’ll get results like this:

What my mother actually said: “P, I want you to take good care of your teeth. Brush them well, and I forgot to tell you: the dentist said that candy and chocolate are fine, just don’t keep them in your mouth for too long.”

So, maybe Google Translate screwed someone over, or maybe the dude they put in charge of it just dropped the ball. Here’s some of the great signs I’ve seen so far (across all my trips):

Actually tonkotsu ramen, which is usually topped with pork belly. Spotted in Kyoto.


Seen at Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhbition Center. Technically not Engrish, but it still works.


Look above the word “Cherry.” Seen in Kabukicho, Tokyo.




Seen at Osaka Castle Park.

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