Pat Goes to Tokyo

So sorry for the lack of updates, dear readers. I wish I could’ve given you a play-by-play of my arduous journey to Tokyo (where I am now), but alas it’s been a whirlwind these past two days.

After a lot of packing, very little sleep, and actually not that much panic, I successfully boarded my flight to arrive in Tokyo at around 3 or 4pm local time on Sunday the 29th. This is for the initial orientation, which lasts until Wednesday.

Since then, I’ve gotten lost at the massive Shinjuku station, been to a rooftop DJ party at the Tokyo Intercontinental Bay, watched a katana demonstration by the guy who choreographed Kill Bill, and learned some non-zero amount about my duties and responsibilities as a JET participant. It’s been back-to-back workshops and lectures these past few days covering topics from our health insurance, to lesson plans, to special needs education.

On Wednesday, I’ll be making my way to my new home in Akashi in the Hyogo Prefecture. Until then, I get to worry about how I’m going to manage with only the cash in my wallet plus $14 in checking, and not having a freaking computer. Stay tuned!

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