Looks Like I’m Really, Really Dumb

I’ve made a huge mistake… with my blog! Googling Japanese stuff, in English, is not as easy as Googling American stuff in English, as anyone (except me) could guess.

I’ve given you wrong information, I’ve misled you all– I will NOT be living in, or even teaching in, the town of Harima. The school itself is still called Harima-Higashi High School, but it is in the town of Inami, which is north of the town called Harima, where Harima-Minami High School is. I hope you can see where the confusion came from, and forgive me. My fact-checking staff will be promptly dismissed and replaced come next month. Meanwhile, my apartment will be in the city of Akashi.

I’ll not go through the same schpiel that I did with Harima, not only because it seems disingenuous, but also because there is actually very little information I could find about my new town of Inami. All I can tell you is that it also has a small population, of 30,000. Take a page from the Harimans’* book, update your Wikipedia article, you crazy Inaminese*!

* I made up both of those just right now. Don’t call them this.

4 thoughts on “Looks Like I’m Really, Really Dumb

  1. “inami” spelt backward is “Imani,” which is almost “ImAnitwit.” very close.

    fun fact: “nitwit”, or, originally, “ni-twit” was a shorthand for “nihonjin twit.”

    you’re welcome.


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